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Julie presentingDigital innovations and their impact on businesses are around us every day. We recognise how swiftly the advent of big data and analytics, cloud computing, social media, the Internet of Things and mobile can overturn conventional ways of doing business.

Gartner Predicts: By 2017, digital business incompetence will cause a quarter of businesses to lose their market position.

Our programme will be run by the region’s most well recognised digital thought-leaders alongside national and international associates from some of our region’s best businesses. 

You will learn to:

  • Anticipate digital disruption and learn to compete with digital disruption
  • Master your digital vision and drive your organisation
  • Change mind-sets, question your organisations culture and develop digital attitudes and capabilities
  • Manage digital innovation  

You will also benefit from:

  • Networking opportunities with fellow attendees
  • Learn from other great businesses
  • Gain a wider understanding of digital leadership before starting the full programme

group leadershipInvesting in digital skills is a must for every business at this time, but many businesses are yet to address this issue at senior executive and Board levels. Learning how to utilise digital in your business has the potential to raise your competitive edge, increase staff satisfaction and raise productivity levels too. 

This approach, we believe is the single most efficient way to become a digital leader and to fast track your knowledge.

For more details and to enrol onto the programme contact Henry Smith: [email protected] or call 01404 548 405.

“Help & Care were looking for support for leaders and managers to develop our digital strategy. We experienced great facilitation and adaptability from Cosmic. The programme has provided Help & Care with clarity of understanding digital technologies as they will apply to our operations and future business.” - Mark Sharman - OBE, Help & Care

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Programme associates

Working alongside Julie and Kate in providing the learning and support will be others from the Cosmic team bringing specialist knowledge and experience to specific issues and opportunities. Some of the regions leading digital technologists will join us in delivering elements of the programme, for example:

Andy Skarzynski | Head of Mole Valley Farmers, a highly experienced strategic digital marketing executive.

Joss Langford | Head of Coeltion & ActivInsights a nationally recognised expert in wearables, data analytics and privacy.

Jonathan Melhuish-Sprague | Head of Koncept – a highly successful digital entrepreneur now running an investment programme for digital start-ups.