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Cosmic are experts at delivering training programmes and workshops.

We love learning – it’s in our nature. We aim to let everyone know how technology can change and improve lives. 

We regularly run a wide range of training sessions and workshops in the Devon and Somerset area. All levels are catered for, from switching on a computer for the first time through to advanced social media and search engine optimisation.

Cosmic delivers workshops aimed at both individuals as well as a wide range of organisations, businesses and the public sector.

How we can help you

  • Social media – overview presentations, strategic planning and set-up workshops
  • Digital reputation - how to manage your online profiles to ensure professional, consistent and positive approach
  • Webmaster – writing for the web, website creation, website editing
  • Online marketing – search engine optimisation, pay per click, statistics
  • Selling online and e-commerce – setting up your virtual shop, payment process, and order handling
  • Using multi-media – photography, video editing, editing and uploading media

We are constantly developing new learning materials, workshops and courses so please contact us today if you have a specific subject or learning requirement.

Our courses can be delivered at your business premises, or at one of our training facilities. Our courses can be tailored to run as a one-off session, or over a course of time to suit you. We also provide complete and tailored training packages developed in the context of your business plans, with the addition of built in skills audits, regular 'surgeries' and skills development plans for individuals in your team to help them review learning.

Some of the training work we carry out is with Yarlington Housing Group who operate in Devon and Somerset, their Yarlington Online project is an exciting initiative where Yarlington's residents are trained on a variety of areas of technology for example using Skype or buying and selling on ebay. They are also able to have use of Yarlington's IT facilities both within their own homes and at Yarlington's Headquarters in Yeovil through the Loan IT scheme.

Yarlington's Head of Communities said "Cosmic have been key partners in the launch of Yarlington Online, a range of projects to help our residents to get online. Their knowledge and expertise constantly astounds both staff and residents. They are flexible in their approach and are great at working a room and keeping everyone engaged. Following a series of pilot projects, we are looking forward to working with Cosmic on further projects over the coming year."


The Team