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Work experience

Work experienceAt Cosmic we know how important it is that young people get a valuable insight into the digital world, Social Enterprise and to learn more about work environments and how businesses operate on both small and large scales.

That’s why we offer regular work experience placements to promising students via application.

What is work experience with Cosmic like?

Work experience at Cosmic is supportive and realistic- you won’t just be making the tea and coffee! We try our best to give students the chance to work on similar projects as our staff and support them to deliver pieces of work which are actually used on the Cosmic website and sent out to our customers. We believe that real life experience is the best way to learn so we do everything possible to make your work experience a realistic representation of an average week here at Cosmic.

Each work experience student gets a tailored package of work to complete in the week which is structured around their interests and what they’d most like to gain experience in at Cosmic. Wherever possible these tasks relate to real pieces of work that the Cosmic team do on a day to day basis such as creating infographics, writing blogs, designing websites and customer service. This means that each student gets an individual experience which is a real reflection of every day work.

What work experience do we offer at Cosmic?

The type of work experience we can offer at Cosmic is hugely varied and can often depend very much on the student who is applying. We are primarily a digital company but because we are also a social enterprise this often attracts students interested in this side of our business too.

In the past our work experience students have worked on:

  • Designing and building websites
  • Supporting businesses with social media and other digital tools
  • Digital marketing, blog writing and content curation
  • IT training and support people to be digitally included
  • Business admin and supporting our teams daily work
  • Technical support and remote support

It’s fair to say that there is often a lot of cross-over in our business so most students get to experience bits and pieces of all of these areas and if you are looking for something more specific that isn’t listed here, please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate it.

What sort of work experience students do we look for?

Generally work experience students who come to Cosmic have a positive, can-do attitude. They are normally good independent workers with strong ethics and a passion for digital technology of some sort whether this be graphic design or computer gaming. They also match the majority of Cosmic’s values; to be friendly, ethical, inspirational, supportive and innovative. It also helps if you have a basic prior understanding of social enterprise.

How to apply for work experience at Cosmic

You can apply for work experience by sending us an email at answering the following questions:

  • Why you would like to specifically have a work experience opportunity with us
  • What areas interest you the most
  • Why should we choose you
  • Tell us something interesting about yourself

In your application you should also include your name, contact details and a summary of your skills and experience.