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5 common flaws on mobile websites

24th October 2016

5 common flaws on mobile websitesSince 80% of internet users surf the web using smartphones, you need to keep up-to-date with all the changes going on. And, as always, with new innovations come new problems. This article will guide you through all the pitfalls on the mobile web.

Slow pages

Speed is key when it comes to mobile websites as people resort to their phones as a distraction. You will lose 40% of your audience if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Adding stuff is good but taking away is better.

Tiny CTAs

If you are ready to buy an item, for example, all you need is a big ‘checkout’ button but most designs use tiny buttons which are frustrating to click. A simple step to improve your mobile site will just be to enlarge your buttons, simple as that.

Unreadable fonts

If the visitor can’t read what you have written on your website header then they will abandon your site before looking at anything else. Simple solution, change your font to a more readable one and change the size.

Instant pop-ups

I think everyone has experienced visiting a mobile website and a random ad appears, covering your whole screen. These pop-ups just annoy everyone and don’t help to sell your product. You would be better serving pop tarts.

Websites are used less

Mobile apps are used much more than the web. Overall, mobile users spend 89% of their time on apps and only 11% of their time on the web. Therefore, converting your website into an app is a good idea if you have the resources but all the above points still apply for your app.


A lot of different methods are available to improve your mobile website but just make sure you stay away from these mistakes, which will just decrease the amount of visitors on your website.

This blog was written by our work experience student Oran Bramble in October 2016.