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5 educational apps to help with exams and studying

15th September 2016

App storeMany of us have just received our results for the exams we’ve been worrying about for a long time. But for those who are just getting into their GCSEs or A-Levels, you’ve most probably heard about some apps that can help. But do they really make a difference? With a lot of research it comes to my knowledge that they can actually benefit those studying for an exam.

Here are 5 apps for your smartphone that will make those exams hopefully slightly easier. Each of these apps helps in different ways. From finding out about previous exams to knowing when your next exam is there is an app for everyone. They can be tailored to the subjects you’re taking and to the areas you may need more help in.

Here is a list of 5 apps, in no particular order, which may give you a little bit of hope when trying to pass those exams.

1. PastPapers

Edexcel have created an app that allows the user to download past exam papers, mark schemes and, as well as that, full examiner’s reports. By using this app it allows you to find out how exam questions are formatted so therefore you can strengthen the layout/approach of your answers. Reading and answering real past exam questions is very good practice and is also starting to prepare you for the real thing.

2. Exam Countdown

Missing an exam is never a good thing. So to keep up with the dates of your exams and to be organised is a key thing. Exam Countdown lets you put in as many dates as you wish and you even have the option to colour code each of them so you never lose track. Staying on top of things is very important during exam time and will make you a lot less stressed knowing that you can focus on studying instead of organising.

3. Revision App – The Ultimate Revision Tool

This app was made for students by teachers themselves and is packed full of tutor videos, exam quizzes and flash cards. With in-app purchases, you can unlock over 1 million more revision notes and flash cards along with over 350 learning videos. When taking appropriate tests for your subject it can really help with your understanding of the topic.

4. The Revision App

Although this app is very similar to ‘Revision App – The Ultimate Revision Tool’, it has one main difference. When studying as a part of a group or just wanting to help out your classmates, you can save and share video, audio or text files to each other. Not only helping yourself, but others whilst you’re at it!

5. SelfControl

Trying to stop yourself from checking social media is hard but with the help from this app it’s quite the opposite. This last app has the ability to lock selected apps/websites for a set amount of time therefor not allowing acsess to them. The idea is to stop the user procrastinating whilst they study so they can truly focus on the task in hand.

This blog was written by Belinda who had a work experience placement with Cosmic in September 2016.