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6 times you’ve used ‘the cloud’ in the last year without realising

30th June 2014


1. Email

Whether you’re a Gmail fan or a Hotmail fanatic, emails are stored in the cloud including any attachments you’ve made.


2. Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, it’s all stored in the cloud and your status is contributing to the internet of things!


3. Streaming

If you’re using Spotify, BBC iPlayer or Netflix, you are streaming content from the cloud!


4. Writing Blogs

Your blog, be it personal or for business, is hosted in the cloud!


5. Sharing files via an email

Maybe you’ve received a file link from dropbox or google drive? This is file sharing in the cloud!


6. Surveys

Have you ever taken an opinion poll or a survey online? You’ve been contributing to data in the cloud!