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Best job search apps; what makes them successful?

16th September 2016

iPhoneThere are many of apps available for job searching, but which are the best ones that you should be using, and why are they so successful?


Jobaware is the highest rated job search app on the App Store. It allows you to sync your job searches between the app and website, and incorporates your LinkedIn profile. You can track your search progress*, compare jobs in different cities, check specific companies for jobs and view salary information. The app also connects you with a variety of learning resources to aid in your job search.

*This is one of the best apps in terms of integrating a gamification element through the tracking of search progress, Jobs by CareerBuilder is another.

Indeed Job Search

In comparison with Jobaware, indeed is a more straightforward, no-frills experience. Similarly to the website, the app lets you search for jobs and filter the results based on your industry, location, desired salary and more. The Indeed app aggregates listings from thousands of sources, including other online job boards, company career pages and newspaper job advertisements. Users can set up email alerts to be notified when new jobs appear in a specific category. It allows you to save jobs that interest you, and upload a resume for in-app application.


This app is clearly focused on finding you jobs in your local area to  prevent excessive commutes. While most job search apps of this basic feature, this app uses your phone’s GPS to either find a job near your current location or another specified area. I think this feature is especially useful for younger people trying to find their first jobs, as they may struggle to find reliable transport and wouldn’t want to endure long commutes (not that anyone does).

Jobs by CareerBuilder

In one sense this is quite a similar app to Indeed Job search, as it allows you to search for jobs by industry, location or company. It also allows you to upload your resume via Dropbox or other smart device. Where this app excels is where it incorporates gamification. By allowing the user to track and view their job-search history, save jobs for later, and even view their competition with average stats on other applicants' education levels and years of experience.

LinkedIn Job Search

Although the LinkedIn app is great tool for networking for professionals, it doesn’t allow you to do much more than sell yourself with your personal profile. LinkedIn Job Search lets you search for open positions in your industry and sort them by date posted, salary and other criteria. When you find something you like, you can apply directly in-app with your LinkedIn profile. The app will also recommend jobs based on your profile and past search criteria, and notify you when a relevant job goes live in your area.

Although there are many more options, I feel these are the best designed and most carefully thought out apps.

Some of the key features that I think have made these apps popular are;

  • The ability to really specialise your search
  • Find jobs in your local area relevant to you
  • Easy application (and therefore the ability to upload your resume from dropbox or other cloud platforms, or smart devices)

Having some form of gamification to keep users interested (In the case of /Jobaware and Jobs By Career Builders).

This blog was written by Josh who had a work experience placement with Cosmic in 2016.