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Card payments online

10th December 2014

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Paying by card online is taken for granted by a lot of people however it may be surprising how many shoppers don’t buy because entering their details is too difficult on a website. 48% of respondents in the data on this infographic feel that ease of use is the most relevant aspect to payment convenience in 2015.

In the UK 68% of people prefer to pay by card online and 23% use services like Paypal. However just picking one of these services is rarely enough considering that 73% of shoppers said the most appealing transaction criteria is being able to pay using multiple methods.

Are you catering for all audiences?

It may surprise you to find that men and women behave differently when shopping online. Research shows that 68% of men and 72% of women have shopped online in the past 30 days. In addition to this 33% of men and 26% of women will purchase a product having been browsing the store with no clear sense of direction. These statistics show that it’s vital that you make your payments process easy for the customer to fill out as if an impulse buyer is browsing, it’s also easier for them to disconnect if the payment process is tough.

Reviewing products

Another statistic to bear in mind when asking for reviews of your product during the payments stage is that men are more likely to review products. 70% of the top Amazon reviewers surveyed here were male.

Shopping and Social Media

These statistics are perhaps the most interesting of all in this article. Sharing on social media can be an important part of your payments stage and open your products up to a whole new audience. It is therefore interesting to know that women are more likely to recommend a brand or product using social media with 28% of men and 35% of women reporting having done so. However, 62% of men and 50% of women use social media channels when comparing products. Also, 55% of women say that they’re more likely to buy from brands they’ve interacted with on social media. In terms of the ecommerce payments process this proves how important having the opportunity to share you purchase on social media can be.

There are more statistics published in this week’s Sunday Times which apply specifically to mobile

These statistics showed that 53.5% of people funded their mobile payments with their credit card and 41.6% funded them with their debit card. They also show a huge split in devices used to pay. For example in Europe, 15.6% of users paid on an apple device compared to just 8.3% on android. More interestingly though, 60% of people said they were extremely likely to increase the usage of their smartphone for payments if doing so generated instant coupons from a retailer.

Can’t justify card payments or mobile optimisation?

These statistics speak for themselves and to stay ahead of the curve your ecommerce website needs to be up to date, especially with large retailers spending a lot of time and money on customer experience (especially on the checkout of their ecommerce store). It also highlights the need to tie in social media both as a tool in directing people to buy from your website but also to spread the word to their friends that they are happy to buy from you. Then to further add to this, ensure that reviews come in thick and fast to your products and that users always have a good review to read.

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