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15th January 2013

So, did you all download your free copy of David Bowie's track "Where are We Now" only available on his website and a free 'gift' to his fans to mark his 60th birthday. And what did you all think? ... not of the quality of the tune or video which has received very mixed reviews,;but of the digital approach which linked TV advertising, to free download, to Youtube video, and of course then onto iTunes and click here now to pre-order the album coming soon!

And how about your new devices and gadgets from Christmas - which do we like most? I personally was thrilled with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and have been very impressed by its quality, ease-of-use and functionality and gradually I am building it into my work/home digital use. Others on the team have moved to iPad newest model and are very impressed, and then there's a whole range of new technology as several of us build up our 'connected home' - more on that coming soon!

And online big changes seem to be taking place too - for example several pieces of research of the festive period looked to identify changes in Facebook use - but with one showing highest ever usage, and another indicating slow-down and decline its hard to see an overall trend (yet!).  And of course the battle over apps and cloud technology will be raging as we start the new year with plenty of new offers, solutions and systems to grab your attention.

What are you looking forward to most in your digital technology in 2013? We'd love to hear from you and learn what the Cosmic community sees as the best and worst, and the things you'd like to learn more about this year.