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The complete guide to typography

8th August 2016

For a web design and development agency, the ability to pick and choose the perfect typography is imperative. Even on websites where visual content such as video and images are the main point of focus, the way you treat text will make or break the site’s usability and appeal to the user.

The majority of people will know the different between a serif font and a sans-serif font, but did you know there are many other terms and names for different font types? If you're having a new logo designed, a new website or even having a bespoke typeface created for your brand, you'll need to know the different terms used in the typography world.

The helpful folks over at Fontsmith have created an infographic to explain the different types of font and all the jargon behind them.

Fontsmith Type Design Director, Phil Garnham, said:

"As type designers we can get immersed in an insular typographical bubble at times. It’s easy to forget that our language, the lingo, words and terms that we use to discuss, critique and refine our designs is under the constant pressure of discourse and scrutiny within, often redefining itself. We thought that it would be an interesting project to research and illustrate a few of the key words that we use everyday here in the Fontsmith studio but then before we knew it we were up to nearly 80 terms! Unable to cut the list down we’ve prepared this infographic that lists all the vocabulary in one place."

You can view the typography terminology infographic below or click on it to view the original via the Fontsmith website.

Typography infographic