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Cosmic Apprenticeship Programme

20th December 2013

20th December It’s been 3 months now since we recruited our new apprentices to the Cosmic team and we’ve recently been conducting a first-quarter review of progress made. This has led to some very interesting insights, both from the apprentices themselves and from the wider team. As a reminder our apprentices on the team are Jamie, Alex, James, Chris, Jack B, Jack and Toby. You can read more about them and their reflections so far on this link.


My main reflection at this time is that we’ve done a great job in bringing 7 new apprentices into our business this year, and that without exception they have all already developed skills and attitudes which are going to be just right for the future of our business. We invested heavily in their induction programme and the whole team became involved in training, mentoring and support at an early stage. Which of course means that not only are the new guys already swiftly progressing with their learning plans and skills development, it also means that they already feel very much a part of the team.

Cosmic Team Day out

We had a great team day out back in October providing an opportunity to get-to-know each other quite a lot more , but also providing me with some real insights into who in the team was most competitive, collaborative, determined or just cheeky!

"And I cannot wait to see how the apprentices progress even further in 2014 and I am absolutely confident that they are going to provide not only the added capacity and skills which our growing business needs, but also plenty of great new ideas, inspiration and challenges for us all."