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Cosmic Julie's Christmas update

20th December 2012

First of all I'd like to share Christmas wishes from the whole Cosmic team to all our clients, associates, partners, suppliers and friends. Its been a crazy year in 2012 with many challenges, opportunities and changes. But we've had a good time working with some excellent people and organisations and now we are looking forward to a very bright and exciting 2013.

As many of you will know the final quarter of 2012 held particular challenges for me having badly broken my leg in a riding accident back in August. But things have improved alot recently now and I've been able to spend 3 or 4 days a week working in the office as well as continuing to work at home in between meetings and events. I've been out-and-about a bit too - much to the surprise of some people. Its still a bit difficult to gauge people's reaction to the injuries and the metal frame around my leg. Some are curious and want to know all about it; others very clearly do not want either details or sight of the leg it all its glory! But everyone has been exceptionally kind, supportive and caring. The whole experience has made me really recognise how much kindness and support are all around, and how much of course I've needed that to get back in action. Thank you to all.

It was a particular pleasure to support Devon Air Ambulance Trust at the recent meeting of Exeter Business Group - I was invited by their CEO Helena Holt to present from the perspective of a beneficiary of the service, and as someone who runs a local business of course. My main message was 'it could be you' - and so encouraging all local businesses to support this valuable service well into the future. I did of course take along some slides with photos of me and Charlie horse before the accident, and of course the x-rays to show the full extent of injuries and the photo of leg-in-frame - but had to move on quickly when some members of the audience were visibly shaken by that level of detail (and it was just after lunch!).

And so we're all looking forward now to a lovely Christmas break. The Cosmic team are taking time out after tomorrow, 21st December, through until 2nd January. (There will be emergency cover in place so that clients can continue to get access to vital support in this period). This will give the team a well-earned break for all and I hope that it will provide opportunities to rest, recover and have lots of fun. We will have so much to get going with on 2nd January after all! We have four major projects underway from the start of the year, delivering support, advice and encouragement to people, organisations and businesses in their use of ICT and digital technology across the region. We will be planning lots more events, workshops, mentoring sessions and webinars - so please watch this space and be in touch if you'd like to be involved. And of course our range of digital services will continue to develop and offer more features in web, tech support, training and consultancy work. Look out very early in the new year for some very exciting news on a whole new department in the business!

And so .... with my personal thanks, and with a very Happy Christmas to everyone, and we look forward to a very Cosmic New Year! x