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Cosmic's journey to becoming paperless

22nd January 2016

At the beginning of each year, we as an organisation always look for ways we can improve our place in the digital marketplace and how we can support our clients and partners more productively. This year we have spoken about our ambition to be ‘digital in all we do’.

What do we mean exactly?

Well, as a digital company we really want to be practice what we preach in all aspects. We encourage you – our clients and customers, to use digital and embrace the power of digital within your business. We know how advantageous this can be for you, and how it can improve everything that you do. We know how hard this is to achieve as we are going through the process too!

When looking at our daily activity there is a lot of paper involved, and in many cases, where there doesn’t need to be. This includes taking notes, printing presentations and our usage of diaries and calendars.

Can we replace all of this using just digital?

We want to look at what advantages going paperless will give us, and what challenges will arise during this. How will we make it work for us, and in doing so, can we become more organised, more knowledgeable and more proficient in our working lives? To become paperless, it needs to give us so much more, as we rely on jotting down a name and number whilst taking a message on the phone. We rely on taking notes whilst at a presentation or conference. We rely on flicking through our (paper) diaries to check a date. By becoming paperless, we need to become more productive, else why would we be doing it?

Our challenge

So we have decided to give ourselves the challenge of becoming a paperless organisation by the end of 2016. And we aren’t being naïve about this, it will prove to be extremely hard for us (some more than others…)

But we would love to share that journey with you. We would like to share some of the programmes, apps or devices that help us along the way. And to talk about the hurdles that we have to overcome, so that you can make the decision on whether you want to go down the same route as us. It may not be a success in the whole, but if we come to that decision by trying then at least we know it is the right decision for us. And we will learn so much along the way which we can then pass on to you. Ultimately, we want to be the best at teaching you how to use digital. And if we are using it for everything that we do, we will be able to support you in your digital journey so much better.

Follow our journey

We will be blogging regularly on our paperless journey and getting feedback from members of staff about how they feel and whether it is helping them, or not.

Here are our key tasks we are working on in the first instance and encouraging all staff to look at how they can adjust the following in a digital manner;

  • Taking meeting notes
  • Paperless meeting attendance
  • Task and list taking
  • Reading and annotating reports
  • Capturing incoming mail and invoices

Please join us and help us along! We would love to hear your thoughts about this process – you may have gone through it yourself? Is there anything you would recommend to help us? We look forward to you being part of this with us!