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Digital marketing ideas for Halloween

28th October 2015

In this blog we're going to explore some of the great digital marketing campaigns from the Halloween period over the last couple of years. Often a good way to gain inspiration for an idea is to have a look at what others have done and whether it was successful or not.

Trick or tweet

This Halloween inspired campaign by Topshop saw Twitter users posting pictures of their Halloween outfits in return for gift cards or in some ‘tweet shops’ treating tweets like real currency.

Dressing up for the event

Just like actual shop fronts in shopping centres, your online shop and social media could be dressed up for Halloween. Kit it out with some virtual pumpkins and ghouls but try not to scare anyone off!

Dunkin Donuts Halloween Cup

Monster discounts

Perhaps Halloween is a good excuse for a sales campaign and there’s nothing quite like a pun to promote it. Just make sure your discounts are enough to qualify as ‘monster'!

Design some Halloween style graphics or can be really easy ways of making some of your publicity shots halloweenified. Or, maybe it’s just a case of painting some spooky make-up on a staff member. Either way, a Halloween style photo is a good way of making your brand more personable.

Give some Halloween tips in the form of a short video

This example of Halloween social marketing comes from Capital One, you may think that it’s only a small thing but when posted via Facebook or Twitter it can become a very strong piece of contact. How many of you knew that by soaking the pumpkin in diluted bleach it would last longer?


Another example of a quick Halloween Vine is brought to us in the form of a top-tip video about using a biscuit cutter and a hammer to create clean, sharp pumpkin carving.


Like/follow/share me if you dare

A really simple way of using Halloween in your digital marketing is to use an intriguing statement to lure people in. For example, one we might use at Cosmic could be;

“Are you fed up of scary and dingy website design? Like our page and we’ll shock you back to life”.

Can you be creative in coming up with a tagline for your business?

Do you need a helping hand with digital marketing?

If you need a hand putting together soical media campaigns and linking up your digital marketing efforts, why not get in touch with our friendly team here at Cosmic? We're experts in digital marketing ideas and strategy and can give you some time-saving tips to make sure you're making the most of the time available to you! Call the Cosmic office on 01404 458 504 for some friendly advice and a free one-hour consultation.