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Facebook changes

27th April 2016

Social media is constantly changing, and none more so than Facebook. This favourite platform of ours has a habit of changing just when we are completely familiar and happy with how it is working, and how we are using it. Some of those changes are good, and some not so. However, change is inevitable and it is important that we keep up with it to make the most of our activity and promotion.

Most of the changes are rolled out slowly, so it may be that they haven’t affected you yet, and I was myself behind a few others with the first change - which involves your business newsfeed.

As someone who regularly trains people in how to use social media as a business I was surprised when trying to access my client’s business newsfeed to find that it didn’t actually exist anymore! On our own business page it was still clear, and so initial confusion turned to frustration after doing a bit of research on the Facebook forums. It seemed that Facebook had decided to change how we access our business newsfeeds. It is possible, but it doesn’t seem to be as user friendly as it once was, and also tends to put businesses off engaging with one another. If it hasn’t already happened to you, or it has but you don’t know how to get to your page, this is what you have to do.

We always emphasise the importance of engaging with businesses as your business, to improve your business relationships, but this change seems to halt that somewhat. Will this mean that more businesses move over to Twitter to build up their relationships? As previously discussed, businesses are falling out of love with Facebook and this will do nothing to convince them otherwise.

Another change that Facebook has made is a more positive one. Following suit from Twitter and its heart, you can now save articles that you see on Facebook to read at a later date. This is a really handy tool and one that I can see getting popular. We know how popular Pinterest is, and as we are unable currently to pin from Facebook, it means that we can save the blogs ready to read another time when we are less busy!

In the top right hand corner of a Facebook post you will see a little arrow - when clicking on this you will get the option to save the post. Once saved, you can find all of these posts in your 'saved' page.

If you would like any further information on Facebook or the changes they have made please do not hesitate to get in touch.