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Facebook’s Hot Topics and how they can relate to your brand message

17th August 2016

We all know how important analytics are for our business, as having a real understanding of who your customer is and what they are interested in hearing is fundamental for creating the right content and aiming it to the right people. It only seems right then that Facebook have just released their Hot Topics, alongside Topics to Watch. By keeping on top of the most talked about subjects means that as a business you can try to align your content with those topics.

It is fascinating reading. By being aware of the topics to watch means that you can start to introduce those discussions within your blogs, your social media posts, your website content – because you know these topics are gaining more and more interest. It means that you can stay ahead of the conversation and start to become a source of information for those hunting it out.

Topics to watch


All this valuable content and insight comes from Facebook IQ – ‘a team of thought leaders, researchers, writers, trend spotters, sociologists, anthropologists and scientists’ who harness Facebook insights to ‘help marketers understand people across generations, geographies, devices and time’

In their own words they say; ‘We provide marketers a true understanding of people—who they are, what they do and why they do it—and we do this all in a privacy-safe manner. We look at what drives people to stop, look, feel, share, do and buy. We then translate what these insights mean for brands’

You can sign up to get all the latest updates and analytics from Facebook IQ by visiting their site

There are some great blog topics for social media marketers from optimizing audience buying to campaign measurement. As a regular user of Social Media it is fundamental that you keep on top of what is being discussed.

Unfortunately at the moment the Topics to Watch are only focused on the US, but if you are based within that sector, you can still include those topics within your conversations, or at least do some research around those topics.

Despite just being US based, it is worth noting that Facebook’s research team says that 80% of the topics they have identified in this way have gone on to become more prominent trends.

Maybe you are within the health and fitness sector and can start blogging about the benefits of the White Mulberry, which has 13.1 x interest year over year with regards to how it can help reduce the risks of heart disease or diabetes. By being aware of what people are interested in can really help you target your own message. You can even see who to target with regards to age and gender demographics.

Whereas the Topics to Watch are only US based, Facebook allows us to see the Hot Topics across Australia, Canada, the US and here in the UK. Look at how these topics correlate with conversations you have had with your followers. Have a look at the hot topics over the month of July. Were you talking about those subjects?  Can you continue the conversation? Is it still relevant to do so?

Hot topics

With over 1.59 billion monthly active users talking together about these subjects, these are valuable statistics that is makes sense to harness as much as you can.

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