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Friday 13th - Top ten playlist

10th July 2012

ALRIGHT POP PICKERS ... Here we go with our Friday 13th Top Ten playlist, celebrating all things thrilling, scary, and of course highlighting our Happy Hour this coming Friday – sign up to come along

No 10. Orginally back in the 1950s it was David Seville, but in this version – the Cartoons – Witch Doctor

No. 9 – Officially a TV series theme tune but still worth a smile – The Addams Family

No. 8 – Wilson Pickett – Midnight Hou

No. 7 – BB King - Bad Luck Soul Everyone needs a bit of Blues!

No. 6 – Friday 13th soundtrack

Don't watch this if you get scared easily!!

No. 5 - Michael Jackson Thriller
Too many people have now spoiled this one by thinking its a great ‘first-dance-at-my-wedding track’! ... Its about the living dead for heavens sake

No. 4 – Meat Loaf – Bat out of Hell

No. 3 - The Cranberries – Zombie

No. 2 – Bobby ‘Boris’ Picket – Monster Mash
With this excellent animation added in recent years! (Now this would be a good dance for your wedding!)

AND, at the top spot for Friday 13th it had to be -

No. 1 Superstitious - Stevie Wonder