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Google changes for non-profits

22nd July 2013

Google is going through a few changes this month, bringing in new features to enhance both the experience of businesses and that of non-profit organisations. 

The first is in Adwords. Google Adwords is a premium service which allows businesses to target customers using a keyword system which links to the Google search. By attributing these keywords to your advert it can then appear on the side of relevant Google searches. Changes to the service are coming in to make it easier to target ads more specifically.

Rather than being able to create campaigns specifically for certain devices, they now offer bid modifiers which allows users to alter keyword bids in real time following your ads being triggered by a search. These keyword bids can be based on time, location and also the device being used, allowing advertisers to alter their keywords to most appeal to a consumer.

Those of you with Google Merchant Feeds will also benefit from changes to re-targeting on Adwords. Google are now going to be using dynamic re-targeting, which creates ads as and when using relevant images from the merchant feeds to appeal to the prior search activity of a user. Therefore if someone has been searching Google for dishwashers, ads will appear for those users including the most popular dishwashers and the makes they have looked at.

Google have also just announced a service for non-profit organisations. The move allows non-profit organisations and charities free access to premium features from Google. This includes access to paid features of Google Apps, YouTube and Google Earth all of which may have been previously out of reach to these users. The scheme also allows just over £6,500 worth of advertising credit on Google Adwords per month. This scheme has been put in place to hopefully stretch the reach of these organisations gaining them more donors.