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How do I get more followers?

13th August 2013

Blog by Matt Young

It’s a question that comes up all the time… “How do I get more followers, likes, connections, plus 1’s etc... on my social media accounts?”

According to some, it is ALL about the numbers. Of course there is an element of truth to that because deep down, way down in the deepest, darkest part of your soul, you secretly LOVE that you have more people following you than you follow back on Twitter, and you shouldn't be ashamed of that. It tells me that you’re obviously an interesting person who says great stuff and people want to listen to you. And that is the Holy Grail; you need to provide your audience with good quality content, on a consistent basis and your following will grow naturally.

Follow me... please?However, if I only have say 50 followers on my Twitter account but each and every one of them adds value to me and I to them, then I’d rather be in that position. If you’re working in a niche market with a small customer base, why would you expect a large following anyway?

Yes, you can buy followers but you know that is wrong don’t you? It will add no value to your account whatsoever as most of them will be dummy accounts, set up overseas with no return on the effort you put in to posting great information to them. Recent documentaries on TV have highlighted this problem and sent their findings to the major networks. Plus, all the social networks are cracking down on this and sooner or later it will be impossible to do anyway, thank heavens.

Being a man, I have an ego and my ego is easily massaged by paying me a compliment or telling me I'm great at something; I'm sorry, I can’t help it. If you look at my Twitter account you will see that I am followed by more people than I follow back. This is not manufactured; it is simply how my account has grown from when I started it. I lose followers on a daily basis, my numbers fluctuate up and down. But guess what? When I say something really interesting that other people think adds value to them or they share it with their audience, guess what happens? My numbers go up.

The lesson here is not to get too hung up on the numbers. You still will, I know I do… so try this. The next time you get that feeling of inadequacy because you think your numbers are too low and you wish you had as many as Stephen Fry, sit back and think about this for a second. What do your followers actually want to read? Got it? Now, give it to them.