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How to learn to stop worrying and love digital

5th September 2018

ESF and Lottery logoIf you are reading this then you are living through historic times.

You are witness to, if not a participant in, nothing less than a revolution on a global scale! A cultural, social and technological revolution from which there is no coming back. I am talking about the Digital Revolution. We now live in a world where everything that can be made digital is being made digital, and where the Internet and computers are ubiquitous. Digital is no longer optional.

Whether or not you think this is a good thing is a discussion for another time, but like it or not the pervasiveness of digital is a fact. As an ex-FE lecturer, teaching media and working with teenagers for 25 years, I experienced the growth, development and impact of digital – the good and the bad. And yet, even though I taught digital inclusion (and by definition “exclusion”) I never really experienced what that meant, until I started working here at Cosmic, on the Positive People project.

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