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Ian Clifford returns to work with Cosmic on a seminar about EU funding

8th October 2015

Ian Clifford returns to work with Cosmic

This month we’re really excited to announce that Ian Clifford founder of Cosmic will be coming back to join us by working on a seminar which will help SMEs to better understand EU funding opportunities, how they are assessed and how to gain higher marks in assessment by understanding the application from an assessor’s point of view.

For nearly 20 years Ian has worked with online technology organisations having founded Cosmic in the mid-1990s. He has over 10 years of experience in senior management and has a specialist interest in digital inclusion and the way it is funded through Government. Ian is currently an expert assessor with the European Commission under two programmes and has assessed four programmes to date.

Ian is able to offer attendees unparalleled access to the workings of the funding bids assessments including the process that assessors go through, the types of things they are looking for and frustrating traits in proposals which can sometimes mean they fall by the wayside.

When Cosmic was founded its main aims were to empower young people in career development, support local businesses and organisations to get online and to help communities with digital inclusion, aims which are still close to our heart now. Our recent digital apprenticeship project pioneered a new type of apprenticeship which was aimed at supporting businesses with their digital skills and marketing. We also continue to support local organisations both through fundraising and our own social impact. 

We look forward to welcoming Ian back to work with Cosmic and we hope that you’ll share the news of the seminar session with anyone who might be interested.