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Imagine all the people living life online

19th October 2012

OK, so I know its close to blasphemous to abuse lyrics written by the great Lennon, but my thoughts for today have turned to what would our region, country, world look like if everyone was online and connected at high speed, without interruption and with the skills they need to make the most of it?.

What do you think would be the major benefits of a fully connected community, country, world? I know lots of readers will want to talk about the gadgetry, multimedia and virtual world benefits and I'll happily look and reflect on those. Mine are more inspired by Mr Lennon - how do we really put such a vision to best use in terms of addressing poverty, disadvantage and equality in its widest sense. I think John would be asking - "Can we bring about peace through online participation?"

Here are a selection of my visions for a fully connected world :

  • we'd all be able to communicate and therefore contribute to important discussions and debates - voices would be heard from all sections of society, regardless of economic status, skill level, language or disability.
  • we would be much more aware and able to engage in the MOST important social and environmental issues facing us locally and globally, and we'd hear about them direct from the people they impact on the most
  • businesses would be able to truly embrace working with organisations with social and environmental benefit much more effectively - sharing economic growth alongside lasting and sustainable social impact

Now let's have yours .....