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Instagram introduces Zoom

7th September 2016

It’s the update that we’ve all been waiting for – last week Instagram finally announced that we are now able to zoom in on images and videos in our feed.

This has been an issue that fans have been complaining about for a while. Until now, the only way you could zoom into an image is to take a screenshot and then zoom in. This now allows you to see more detail on images and videos, and never miss a thing. The feature not only allows you to pinch and zoom on images within your newsfeed, but also within the Explore tab.

Instagram announced the update on its account last week, saying ‘Starting today, you can pinch to zoom on photos and videos in feed, on profiles and on Explore. Dive into an adorable puppy’s smile or into every detail of your friend’s new shirt.’

Instagram zoom

However, the update is currently only available on iOS but will be rolled out to Android ‘in the coming weeks’.

With all of Instagram’s latest developments beginning with a new logo earlier on in the year, increasing the length of videos and then Stories in the last few weeks, it is certainly pitching for the most popular platform in our eyes