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18th August 2020

After seven fantastic years of service and dedication, it will shortly be time to say farewell to our Chairman, Mark Cotton.

Mark has been a phenomenal asset to the Board of Directors and to the Company as a whole, bringing with him real enthusiasm, experience, leadership, and a passion for Social Enterprise. With his own workflow building, and with many other projects to support, Mark has identified that this year of great change presents a opportunity for him to step-aside, allowing for a new Chair to enter the frame.

Mark has kindly offered us some words, reflecting upon his experiences at Cosmic:

“My time at Cosmic has been a fantastic journey, for both myself and the Company. In the seven years that I’ve been a Non-executive Director, and particularly during the last four as Chair, I’ve seen Cosmic grow exponentially, increasing our turnover, more than doubling our staff team and, most importantly for me, achieving significant levels of social impact that have seen meaningful positive change for our communities and created life-changing opportunities for many hundreds of individuals within the region. Our work on digital inclusion, supporting some of the most disadvantaged people to develop their digital skills and grow their confidence and trust in technology, giving them the skills to succeed in life, has been and continues to be one of the many highlights of my time with Cosmic.” 

"I strongly believe that Cosmic will continue to grow and adapt over the coming years, enhancing and improving how we support communities, businesses and individuals, creating lasting and meaningful impact. Our vision, to inspire people to achieve success in the digital world, hasn’t changed, but in a post COVID19 world it seems to me that it is more important than ever to consider new and different ways of working, and for Cosmic to develop new and different approaches to tackling digital exclusion and creating sustainable digital and technological change that supports people AND protects the planet in a profitable way. We are now embarking on the next leg of the Cosmic journey, a great time for someone looking for a new and exciting challenge, someone who is passionate about changing the world through social enterprise and creating positive social and digital change."

There will be plenty of time for further kind words and reflections over the coming weeks, but in the meantime we must turn our attention to the recruitment of a new non-executive Board Member – with the potential to be voted in as the new Chairperson for Cosmic. From this point onwards, we are in active and open recruitment for the vacancy. The role is now adverised on our Vacancies page here. 

What sort of person are we looking for? 

Well, we’d prefer not to be over prescriptive at this stage; instead inviting applications from a wide range of people.

But some possible common themes to lookout for: 

  • Passionate about Social Impact and helping individuals, communities and businesses to thrive
  • Understanding of the Social Enterprise model
  • Experience of both private and public sectors
  • Knowledge of publicly funded project work
  • A culture of innovation, change management and growth
  • An interest in Digital industries, business support, or specific areas of training and education
  • Experience of leadership and working at a Senior or Board level.

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more, please get in touch by emailing Julie Hawker, Joint CEO: