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Loom - The free screen recorder

18th January 2017

One thing that has proven very difficult for us here at Cosmic is being able to find software that is capable of recording what you are doing on your desktop or laptop, that is both easy to use and free to install. We have found a number of programs that are free to download, but when it comes to using them, it appears that you are somewhat limited with the functionality unless you pay for a premium service. If you have a Macbook or iMac on the other hand, you have the ability to capture your screen built into the system itself via Apple's very own "Quicktime Player".

Recently though, a free screen recording program has suddenly made an appearance and it works exceptionally well! Loom (formally known as Opentest) was released approximately midway through 2016.

It is very easy to download and use as there isn't an official program to install. All you need to do is add the extension for Loom to your Google Chrome browser, sign in with either your Google or Microsoft account and you are away. The only limitation (currently) is that by the looks of it Loom can only be used through the Google Chrome browser. It is not yet compatible with Firefox, Edge (Internet Explorer) or Safari for Mac, however this will likely become a possibility in coming months.

Although Loom is freely available, you will notice that after you have first signed up, there will be some limitations. You only have the ability to record individual videos up to 5 minutes in length and a limited amount of online storage. However, by simply referring a few people you know to sign up, you can easily unlock unlimited free storage and video recording times if they sign up to Loom.

Once you are all signed up and have added the Loom extension to Chrome, all you need to do to start recording is click the Loom button at the  top right of your browser.

Select whether you would like to capture your screen, as well as your microphone audio and webcam and then choose which programs or screens that you would like to record. When you start the session, you will see a 3 second countdown timer before the recording starts.


You will see some control buttons on the left hand side of your screen (don’t worry, these won't be visible on the finished video). Using these buttons, you are able to pause, cancel or save the recording. If you have a hiccup part way through the video, then simply cancel the recording and start again. Once you are happy with it, save the video and it will automatically be saved to your account where you can access it online. You can easily share your videos directly with other users or social accounts or download them to use offline.

Loom is still relatively new, so you may come across minor issues every now and again, but we imagine these will be quickly ironed out. We also expect to see more and more features being added over time, so it would be a good idea to follow Loom on Twitter or Facebook for regular updates!