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Mole Valley Farmers day

12th December 2013

mole valleyTitle Mole Valley Farmers

Date of the event Tuesday 2nd December

Attendees Vicky, James, Alex, Jack B, Jack L, Chris & Toby

Location Mole Valley Farmers – South Molton & Mole Valley Farmers head office – South Molton

For this event, we visited Mole Valley Farmers for the day to give us an insight into their business. We started off the day by going to the South Molton Mole Valley Farmers store, which is the biggest farming retail store in the UK. Here we had a look about how to store is set out and how they process their online orders.

mole valley 1

We then went to the head office building, with a few minor issues caused by a temperamental satnav, to meet with some key members of staff at Mole Valley Farmers. When we arrived we received a warm welcome from the Head of Retail Marketing & Ecommerce, Andy Skarsynski, who gave us an overview of where Mole Valley Farmers is in terms of its online presence and where they would like to be. Following that we talked with the retail operations support manager, Weyland Rance, about his job role and how to delivery excellent customer service. Our next speaker was Ben Rowland, the Ecommerce supervisor, who then explained to us the steps between placing an order on their website and the order being delivered. After Lunch we were joined by Phil Saunders the Online Project Manager at Mole Valley, and he talked to us about the stages of developing a new website. We then had a presentation from the E-Marketing co-ordinators, Trudy Herniman and Kelly Quance.

mole valley 2

This presentation was about how they use social media to promote Mole Valley and interact with customers. To finish the day we had a question and answer session with David Taylor who is the head of digital at Accord Advertising Agency who shared his significant knowledge in Digital marketing.

It was really interesting listening to listen all of the IT professionals and it gave us a real look inside the business and how IT can be used to help a business grow and expand.