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PDF manipulations made easy

9th January 2017

PDFsPDFs can be a great way of displaying content to your users that doesn't necessarily need to be the centre-piece of your website.

However, once a PDF has been created they can be notoriously difficult to alter. This is where the folks over at come in - their website offers a number of PDF-related tools that will make your life so much easier.

Their suite of PDF tools consists of:

All of these tools are available free of charge at and can be a huge time sizer - it's a tool that Cosmic uses almost daily, especially the web team who handle a lot of PDFs which need to be altered for client websites. The website is incredibly simple to use and is a brilliant time-saver for any webmaster or developer.

Found this tool useful, or use a different tool that you'd like to tell us about? Send a tweet to @Cosmic_UK!