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Pinterest boards you've got to follow!

19th October 2015

Pinterest Boards you've got to Follow!

With 100 million users, 50 billion pins and 1 billion boards, there is a lot of information to find on Pinterest. It may seem a little overwhelming at first but stick with it and you will find so much content that you can use in a personal and a business capacity.

We are huge fans of Pinterest here at Cosmic, especially from a business point of view as highlighted in our previous blog, so we wanted to let you know some of our favourite boards to follow. These have been picked out not just for being knowledgeable, or being comprehensive but also so very inspiring – and that is going to really help you on Pinterest!

First up, we are thinking food – and why wouldn’t we?! There are an enormous amount of food bloggers, writers, chefs and more out there on Pinterest, but one of the users who bring so much of it together is blogger Amanda Livesay, or Fake Ginger. When first viewing her Pinterest page, you have no idea where to start as it is a visual feast in more than one sense of the word, but we particularly like her board Nom Nom Nom. Boasting 14.5 thousand pins and 4.6 million followers, why would you not want to try every single one of these recipes?! We’re getting hungry just thinking about it…

Next up, we’ve got travel! One of our favourite range of boards are by Jennifer Chong and they are titled Wanderlust. With 1.9 million followers on the main Wanderlust board, it’s an indication of how beautiful and informative this board is. If you want to go anywhere in the world, Wanderlust gives you a great insight into the beauty to be witnessed.

‘How-to’ pins are so very popular on Pinterest with many of us searching through to learn how to do various projects. A board we love which encompasses all of this is Today’s Craft and DIY ideas. This is a group board with over 1,000 contributors, so the content is incredible. From kitchen DIY storage ideas, to non-toxic flea killer, to how to cut glass bottles and everything in-between, we’re not quite sure which project to start first!

The majority of us have an interiors board on our accounts, and one of the top interiors accounts is Bright.Bazaar with an abundance of trends and ideas. Based in the UK, Bright Bazaar is an Interiors fashion, travel and food blogger. He has 2.5million followers, and his board Intriguing.Interiors is an outstanding source of interior inspiration.  

We have to talk digital, and with more and more pins appearing based around how to gain followers on each channel, or a host of facts and figures around social media, you have to keep up to date with what is happening in the world of digital. This is where Peg Fitzpatrick can help us – she is very respected in the world of social media. Her board Business & Blog Toolbox has a great range of pins which can enable us to learn more about digital in an inspiring way.

And we have to recommend our blog board – Cosmic blog. We put out an enormous amount of content with regards to anything digital, whether it be the latest tech news, social media beginner guides or web info, there really is something to learn for everyone interested in digital. With three blogs a week being written by us, you can get a huge amount of knowledge by following our board.

Please let us know what your favourite boards are and we will be sure to take a look! Are you on Pinterest? Let us know and we will come and follow you too.