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A profile on Alex Jackson

19th November 2013

Digital-Apprentice---Alex-JacksonwebAlex Jackson is one of our six Digital Apprentices appointed in September. At Cosmic, Alex makes teas and coffees, admin work, learns about websites and how they work, as well as search engine optimisation and social media. And let’s not forget answering the phones!

It’s a continuing trend as Alex says his favourite part about working at Cosmic is the people he works with. He says the people and opportunities are great fun. He says the staff are always friendly and are always happy to help out if he has a problem.

However, his least favourite thing about working here is walking to work!

Alex’s must do job every day is checking his e-mails and setting up tasks – he likes to keep himself busy at all times and being organised helps with that a lot! He organises his files and folders at the end of the day when he’s completed all of his tasks.

Alex describes his typical Cosmic working day as:

“Come to work, check emails, create to do list, get going on tasks, take phone calls, create meeting invitations and decide which tasks to fill the rest of the day with.”

3405608142_9c99681644_oOutside of work, Alex likes getting involved in amateur productions! He loves theatre, and is directing the 2014 Honiton Pantomime, as well and being involved in over thirty amateur productions over the years.

Alex’s claim to fame is having his picture taken with Fiona Bruce outside the Tate Modern, and if he ruled the world he would enforce the law that all food must be organic and of high quality!