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A profile on Chris Mason

15th November 2013

Digital-Apprentice---Chris-MasonwebChris Mason is the Tech Support Assistant at Cosmic, and assists Tech Support Manager Rob French with any technical issue a customer may have. Chris is one of our apprentices, and started working here on 16th September 2013.

Chris’ favourite thing about working at Cosmic is the friendly atmosphere in the office, and he says there isn’t anything he doesn’t like about working here – that’s what we like to hear!

Chris’ must-do job every day is to check his e-mails and the staff calendar so he knows what is happening that day, and he tries to leave nothing until the last minute.

Chris’ typical day at Cosmic is to check his e-mails and calendar, do any scheduled work and help out Rob with any technical issues.

He says Cosmic is different to any place that he’s ever worked in – he says it’s much more enjoyable and has a great atmosphere.

Battlefield-3-Game-Shooting-Game-1080x1920Outside of work, Chris likes playing online games, particularly Battlefield 3 with colleagues Pete, Rob and Jamie. He also likes playing with technology, and assists friends and family with any issues.

If Chris ruled the world, he would make sure people cannot drive too slow on the roads, and the interesting fact he gave about himself is that he once dismantled an all-in-one PC with just a chisel and a sledgehammer!