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A profile on Jack Laurence

10th January 2014

Blog by Jamie D?browiecki

Digital-Apprentice---Jack-LaurencewebJack Laurence is one of six Digital Apprentices at Cosmic. When at work, Jack’s job is to work on different projects set by the Project Manager Vicky and other members of staff.

He is currently working on a presentation for a potential service that Cosmic could offer to customers, a Search Engine Optimisation report for how Cosmic so the site is more searchable on search engines such as Google and to creating an e-newsletter template – it’s safe to say Jack is very busy right now!

Jack’s favourite part about working at Cosmic is that the staff are so easy to get on with, and he finds this is beneficial to him because it gives him more time to develop his skills. He is currently learning many aspects of IT here at Cosmic, in particular web development with Gary Ebsworth. His least favourite part of working at Cosmic is the long commute to and from the office every day.

Jacks must-do job every day is to know exactly what he’s doing, where he’s doing it and when he should do it. Jack likes to crack on with his work and try to work the issue out before asking for assistance, so always leaves asking for help until last.

He likes working at Cosmic and it’s different from any other place he’s worked before. He says the reason for this is that the staff are laid back and have a healthy amount of respect for one another.

We asked Jack to describe a typical working day, and this is what he said:

"I come in, check my emails in case any new/changed plans crop up and then I follow my list of priorities by giving the largest to smallest fraction of my time accordingly for what I hope will be the best I could have done. I then go home at five o’clock to summarise what I did for the day and to try and fill in any gaps of work that may have slipped out of my plan for the day."


When he’s not at work, Jack is a jazz pianists and he specialises in Stride and Ragtime piano. He plays gigs at local pubs and restaurants. He enjoys learning about new things so is always looking to educate himself – he says it gives him a feeling of freedom. He also likes keeping fit and healthy!

Jack’s claim to fame is running an incredible thirty miles in a day without any breaks, and if he ruled the world, he would make sure schools taught children compassion.

And last but not least, an interesting fact about Jack Laurence is that he has a phobia of large crowds and being stared at!

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