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A profile of Kim Reynolds

23rd August 2013

KimKim is our finance officer which basically means she deals with all the money side of things. Bills, invoices and Matt’s petty cash claims for hair gel(!). Basically, anything involving numbers is Kim’s thing. She’s been with Cosmic for 10 years now and absolutely loves the people that she works with; in fact here is Kim’s exact quote… “The People, they are nice, they are interesting, they talk and what they say is worth listening to!

If Kim had to pick out one thing that she doesn’t like about working here it would be dealing with the banks… we hear you sister!

A typical working day for Kim does not exist but that is another reason why she likes it here. Her must do job of the day is looking at the bank account and the job she leaves until the last minute is the one which doesn’t impact anyone else (very thoughtful).

Apparently, life outside of work is ‘a bit of a blur’ for Kim but that is probably because she has a young family to keep in order. Her claim to fame is working with Matt (what?) and if she ruled the world, she’d make it a law that no one person or power should ever rule the world… therefore making herself redundant.

AeroplaneFinally, when we asked Kim to tell us one interesting fact about herself, she said “I used to fly a plane from Exeter to France when I was 16/17.” Wow, not sure any other member of staff can top that.

Thanks Kim.