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A profile of Rob French

12th July 2013

Rob FrenchRob French is our technology manager. That’s his official job title but what is it that Rob actually does here? When probed, he replied “I manage Cosmic’s in-house IT, cover our technical support clients and support the web hosting side of the team as well as manage the backend infrastructure, including domains, transfers, set ups, hosting and basically anything with a plug on.

Rob has been here 11 years and states that ‘working with the rest of the team and being part of the team’ is one of the main reasons he works for Cosmic. If Rob had to pick out something that he least enjoyed about working here, he said he couldn't really think of anything that bad... good lad.

His day looks a little bit like this…

  • Gets out of bed, checks emails.
  • Travels to work, checks emails and his diary for that day.
  • He’ll then work on any on-going projects, respond to calls and any tech issues customers and the in-house web team are experiencing.

When asked which job he leaves until the last minute, Rob admits that it’s probably tidying his desk (we can vouch for this!). Rob has been with Cosmic for such a long time now that he has forgotten what it is like to work anywhere else; we’re not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

Outside of work, Rob enjoys fishing, eating, playing and sleeping. He watches a fair bit of TV and gets a kick out of making things up in his shed. His claim to fame is that he once managed an entire server room completely naked.

If Rob ruled the world, he’d dismantle the Internet and when we asked him to tell us something interesting about himself, he said “I’m me and unique”.

Thanks Rob…