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Revisit our 10 most popular blogs of 2015

1st February 2016

2015 was a great year for Cosmic.

in January, we sponsored Taggy, an enthusiastic young horse rider. In April we officially became a Living Wage Employer. In June, we announced our aquisition of local business Otter IT. In October, we launched #CosmicHour; #CosmicHour happens every Thursday on Twitter and it is aimed to be a support hour for individuals and organisations to ask questions about digital marketing and technology. Finally, in November, our chief executive Julie Hawker picked up two fantastic awards for her work with Cosmic and in social enterprise.

Our team were also hard at work producing quality blogs with useful information for our readers - here are our top ten most popular blogs of 2015.

10 differences between personal and business social media

In this day and age most people will have some form of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+. We are all aware of companies using social media too! But do you know the difference between using a personal social media and a business one. In this blog we will talk about some of these differences.

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Facebook is not responsible for the success of your business

You may have seen on your Facebook newsfeed recently that some businesses are upset at the recent changes in Facebook’s algorithms restricting the visibility of some posts sent out by pages. The news and facts about these changes are scarce and often inaccurate so here’s our view on the changes and how you can still use Facebook if it’s the right platform for your customers.

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An overview of work experience at Cosmic in East Devon

Work experience at Cosmic is supportive and realistic - you won’t just be making the tea and coffee! We try our best to give students the chance to work on similar projects as our staff and support them to deliver pieces of work which are actually used on the Cosmic website and sent out to our customers. We believe that real life experience is the best way to learn so we do everything possible to make your work experience a realistic representation of an average week here at Cosmic.

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The basics of Twitter help guide: Part 1

So many people we meet through our training find it very difficult to understand what Twitter can offer them, as well as how to use it. We know how valuable it is for a business, and we want you to love it as much as we do. So let us talk you through it, right from the beginning.

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Interview with horse rider Taggy

Here at Cosmic we’re sponsoring a young horse rider - Taggy - who is competing in an event this weekend. We thought it would be great for some of you guys to get to know her better, so we interviewed her and asked her about how she feels when a competition is coming up and her experience during the event.

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What domain name should I be using?

Are you just stepping out into the world of websites for your organisation? There is a lot to think about when setting up a new website, and a domain name is a key factor in the process.

Although, choosing a domain name can be a tricky and confusing process – there are hundreds of different extensions available to register, but which one should you be going for?

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Four SEO tools you need to be using

If you aren't correctly prepared, managing your website's search engine optimisation can be a nightmare. It's imperative that you have the right tools at hand, which is why we have prepared a list of the best free SEO management tools you can find.

Every day, Cosmic uses a large number of search engine optimisation tools, so we have put together the best that we have found so far for you to use for your business or organisation.

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Our ten favourite website designs of 2015

Beautiful websites are something that Cosmic takes pride in crafting, so our designers got together to discuss their favourite website designs of 2015.

Cosmic's Ben, Justin and Jamie identified some of their favourite websites that they had seen over the past year, and they have been curated (in no particular order) for you here with reasons as to why they were liked so much.

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What is a ‘fat footer’, and why should we have one?

Websites and the internet are constantly changing, with new ways being discovered to make the most of the space you have on the net and making yourself seen.

One of these changes is the way footers are created in websites – in the past, a footer would not really have existed, maybe except for one line of text with a link to a couple of your most important pages and your registered company number. The times have now changed, and footers are designed to hold a lot more information. This is not solely for the purpose of increasing content, though. There are multiple benefits and reasons for using a fat footer.

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Cosmic produce videos about women who LOVE Digital

Cosmic are involved in a Government-backed initiative that has launched in Devon and Somerset to encourage women business leaders and female entrepreneurs to adopt digital technology to grow their businesses. The Cosmic Peninsular Consortium are delivering the LOVE Digital project as part of the Get Up To Speed programme.

The Get Up To Speed programme is a support programme designed to help businesses and communities across Devon and Somerset improve their computer and technology skills, aims to empower women-led businesses and women thinking of starting a business. It is hoped greater use of technology will help create more female entrepreneurs to close the current gap between men and women when it comes to setting up their own companies.

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That was our ten most popular blogs of 2015. What was your favourite? Let us know if any of our blogs in particular helped you overcome an issue, introduced you to new ideas or improved the way you do business.