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Safer Internet Day 2014

11th February 2014


So what is Safe Internet Day?

Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre in February of each year to promote the safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones for children and young people. Safer Internet Day 2014 will take place on Tuesday 11th February 2014, with the theme ‘let’s create a better internet together’. The day offers the opportunity to focus on both the creative things that children and young people are doing online, as well as the role and responsibility that all stakeholders have in helping to create a better internet.

What does internet safety mean to me?

Digital-Apprentice---James-BullwebAs a young person myself internet safety is very important as the majority of young people don’t see it as an issue, so for example they don’t worry about what they are posting online or who can see it.

Someone I know went home after a hard day at work, and as you do post a status on Facebook the status said “what a day at work :/ I have had enough of my stupid Boss”, while they were posting they had completely forgotten that they had their boss as a friend.

The implications of this left them with awkwardness when entering the workplace and then lead to loss of employment with that company just because of a status online.

So this really shows it doesn't pay to just accept people and forget about them if you aren’t really their friend or you don’t engage with them face to face as this could come back to haunt you one day and it will be very hard to amend your digital repetition once it has been affected.

We have produced a video based on ‘Facebook- Top Safety Tips!’ Please take the time to watch our video below & for more information please visit

Our video includes:

  • How to make sure your profile is safe
  • Simple tips you can act on for online safety

Watch here

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