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School for Social Entrepreneurs in Plymouth

3rd October 2014

Last week our CEO Julie Hawker was invited once again to speak with the new intake of SSE students in Plymouth. Julie has been a keen supporter and advocate of the SSE programme across the South West since the first SSE programme was proposed for Dartington (and Julie served on the Steering Group for that development for several years). Being able to share her experiences of developing and leading Cosmic across the past 17 years, and the lessons along the way is an ideal opportunity for Cosmic to support others with social enterprise plans and ambitions.

The students in the group in Plymouth were particularly interested to hear about Cosmic’s approach to developing its social impact and ways in which stakeholders are engaged in that process. They also asked lots of questions about our recent digital apprenticeship scheme and its success. In her own words Julie explains why this work is so important “We’ve done a great job at cosmic over the years, both commercially and with our social impact and we’ve been recognised locally, nationally and internationally for that work. And so when asked to support the SSE programme in this way it’s a real pleasure and hugely rewarding to be able to share stories, experiences and some of the pride in our work”.

Almost immediately after Julie had finished her session the Twitter feeds was alive with commentary including – “thank you so much for coming to talk to SSE entrepreneurs. Really benefitted from your insights” from Jo at Blue Parakeet