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'Screw Business as we know it' Richard Branson's vision of the Future is Social Enterprise

2nd February 2012

Not only has Richard Branson and his team sprinted out of the blocks with his brilliant advert on our TVs with Usain Bolt in Olympics London year, but now he’s also sprinted ahead of business leaders globally with insights into business change in his new book - Screw Business as Usual -


Watch out for the specific reference to Social Enterprise in the promo video – Woop Woop!

How refreshing to start the new year with Social Enterprise right in the spotlight and the ability to talk with true passion about our work here at Cosmic and the massive potential we have to take our business forwards. Its only been 16 years since we considered this was the right, no the only way of doing good business .... Patience is a virtue they say! (and if you're reading this Sir Richard, our phone number is 0845 094 6108)

Why aren’t other business leaders moving in this direction more quickly though? Branson describes the book as “the story of my seven-year journey towards realizing that, while business has been a great vehicle for growth in the world, neither Virgin nor many other businesses have been doing anywhere near enough to stop the downward spiral we all find ourselves in.”

Cosmic has been very proud of its status as a social enterprise right from our early days. We’ve always believed that doing great business involves developing successful products and services, providing top quality employment opportunities, but at the same time achieving real and meaningful social impact. For over 16 years now we’ve been working in this way and have achieved not only a truly sustainable business model, but we’ve also delivered digital support, training and advice to thousands of people who would otherwise have gone without. For us bringing digital inclusion to the fore continues to be our major objective – making sure that people who are disadvantaged in their use of modern digital technology to improve their lives, economic situation, learning and communications.

Our involvement right from the start in the Social Enterprise Mark and being able to provide real credibility and evidence to our work has meant so much in recent years, particularly given the rise of pseudo-social enterprise and ‘corporate imposters’. For us the Mark means we do what it says on our tin ... And we’re proud of that!

Our current Government has learned to use the language of social enterprise, and many others are looking our way for learning and inspiration. Whether Charity, Public Sector, SME of voluntary organisation – evolving into the model of social enterprise we believe is a great next strategy. We’d be happy to help.

More recently Cosmic has worked on the support and training of others in social enterprise through our Leadership programmes. We’ve made a major impact in over 30 organisations where the development of high quality leadership skills will go on to mean even more effective work by these social enterprises.

So if you don’t already know about our work then please contact us for more information. We are seeking to develop some brand new opportunities, ideas and collaborations in the year ahead – aimed simly at making more of our work, delivering more employment, more social benefit. Simple as that.

Now stands before us such a brilliant and majestic opportunity – what if all business worked this way? What if we can demonstrate how we’ve done things at Cosmic and you want to help us do more ? ... Look forward to hearing from you soon.