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#SelfieEsteem; the Good Morning Britain social media campaign

29th April 2015

Selfie Esteem

You might have seen #SelfieEsteem trending on Twitter last week and we have rounded up what it is, and why it's important for you in a helpful blog. #SelfieEsteem is a campaign from Good Morning Britain to raise awareness of self-esteem issues. The idea of #SelfieEsteem is to post a selfie with no filters or airbrushed techniques used on the photo. This is a viral social media campaign as it’s very interactive, it’s even had celebrities taking part.

This campaign is effective because not only does it get people involved but it also stimulates conversation about a serious topic that is going on all around us today. They have also advertised it in such a way that it will reach all types of audiences through all types of social media and over the television. They launched the campaign via their show on ITV broadcasting all across Britain. This campaign is effective as not only is it easy to take part, it is also very easy to see people who are taking part if you have Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Good Morning Britain have used this campaign in a very exciting way, not only was it launched on their show but they have also had celebrity guests joining in and guest speakers coming in to talk about how this subject is effecting people’s lives. We believe that this is a fantastic way to start a social media campaign as celebrities have a massive following on social media, it has also been a great success as it was advertised over the ITV website, social media and the Good Morning Britain TV show. They have now received over 2,500 unfiltered selfies and #SelfieEsteem has been trending across the UK this week.

The aim of this campaign is to bring awareness to the fact that more and more people are suffering with low self-esteem, and to also let people know that they are not alone in the way they feel. OnePoll a survey commissioned by the ITV breakfast show spoke to 2,000 women, 2,000 men and 1,000 children aged eight to 17 the results, said that on average women would use the sixth photo they take and upload that whereas men would use the fourth. Even children are becoming self-conscious of how they look, Natasha Devon has done a live question and answer piece and her advice is truly inspirational. If you would like to read the questions and answers please click here.

We know that this campaign was a success as you can see the results all over the internet.  This campaign was trending on Twitter last week and Instagram was full of people taking part.

What are your thoughts on this campaign? Did you take part or would you have taken part if you knew about it? Do you have any other great ideas like this people could use as a social media campaign.

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