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Should I ask for a retweet?

16th April 2013

The simple answer is… YES, but very sparingly.

There are many factors to consider when asking this question but as is always the way, common sense prevails. If you write “Please RT” in every tweet you send, it will drive people mad and they won’t. They might do to start off with but eventually, they will tire of it. Our advice? Don’t Do It!

If you add this call to action only to your ‘key message tweets’ then people are much more likely to carry out your request. Don’t forget though, you need to have built relationships with these followers first or it’s like asking a complete stranger to deliver a letter for you... it won't happen.

Personally, I tend not to ask people to RT (retweet) anything for me unless it has a charity or community angle to it. I don’t think I’ve ever asked anyone to RT a business message for us but that is down to my own personal preference.

What are your thoughts about people who ask you to RT everything they send?

P.S. I think I’m going to ask people to RT the tweet I send out to publicise this blog post and see how it goes!