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Social media features for the older generation

26th October 2015

Social Media for older generations

With more and more of us signing up to social media on a daily basis, we may be stuck as to what to look for, especially if your basic knowledge of how to use it is limited. We work with a lot of the older generation who grew up without digital, who struggle with the relevance to them of Facebook or Twitter and we thought we would introduce you to some of the features that may inspire you to switch on.

Facebook is the biggest of all social media channels and the first stop when it comes to contacting friends and family around the country and the globe. Keeping in touch with relatives is especially important if you are older, living on your own or in care. To keep up to date with what your grandchildren are up to – a photo of them with their latest school trophy for example, helps you keep connected with your family and close to them.

There are also a number of community groups on Facebook that you can access – having communication and engagement with other like-minded individuals is also fundamental. You can search through Facebook for groups that you may want to connect with. It is easy to access a group – if it is public you request to join and the administrator will accept your request. You can then read what others are talking about and join in the conversation yourself.

There are normally Facebook community groups within your village or your parish, or you may want to join a group based around a certain interest, for example walking. Devon Nature Walks is a local group which run walks throughout the Devon countryside. Or if you like to walk with your dog, then maybe Dog Walking in Devon & Cornwall may be the group for you!

There are also groups that you can access that could help you when going through a traumatic time – Widows and Widowers is one such group. Sharing with others going through the same grieving process may be able to give you some support.

Twitter is a platform that many of us, regardless of age, struggle with in regards to relevance. But if you use Twitter as a search engine to discover accounts that you can learn from then it gives a different perspective. By searching ‘gardening’ for example in the search bar, you come up with a whole host of accounts, from The RHS to Telegraph Gardening to Kew Gardens, and smaller accounts too such as Avant Gardening and Gardening Guru.

All these accounts can give you relevant, interesting information that you can access instantly! By having your own twitter account you can also engage with these accounts by asking questions, showcasing your garden, and even getting involved in question and answer sessions.

Pinterest has a huge amount of information that you can access – anything from recipes and cake decorating to knitting and crochet patterns and how to guides. You can gain new skills and learn tips from the experts. Pinterest has many, many encyclopedia’s worth of content that is available to you, the only trouble is knowing where to start!

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If you need any help signing up to any of the social media channels mentioned here, or would like any advice at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch.