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Using Stacker to manage your social media

27th October 2014

Stacker header

Last Monday we published a blog about how to put together a dream team of social media management software. We talked you through the pros and cons of Klout, Feedly and Buffer. But this week, we’ve discovered an even better social media tool which has a little more freedom for scheduling and reporting.

This website has a few pro points which puts Buffer’s offering a little below average…

  • 3 networks available on each login (but crucially they can be the same networks)
  • Read and respond to incoming posts to your account
  • Better reporting features like a worldwide view of users and browser tracking
  • View your incoming/outgoing messages ratio
  • Download PDF reports on the success of your social media
  • Whole album photo sharing straight to Facebook
  • Ability to reply to Facebook messages
  • Custom images on links posted to Facebook
  • Tweetdeck integration
  • Native twitter image sharing
  • Customisable suggested content (network specific) with live post editing
  • Merged and separated inboxes to receive all your posts & notifications across networks in one place
  • Archive incoming messages to get them out of your way once they’re addressed
  • ‘Post again’ and edit features for well-performing posts
  • Customisable time zones for simple international posting
  • Comment feedback on specific posts for other team members to receive and action ready to re-submit to admin

However it does have a few cons aswell;

  • Only android app available at the moment (Buffer have just released an iPad buffer app)
  • Slightly lacking interface and user experience, but not far behind Buffer
  • Google+ profiles not available yet
  • A team of 3 people running the company (although this does make the software somewhat more impressive…)
  • Still limited to 10 posts ahead
  • Lacks the 'share next' button which Buffer has

We’d like to hear about what you think of Stacker and whether you rate the extra functionality it offers over it’s competitors. The social media game is hotting up a lot lately, especially with the introduction of ‘Ello’ the social network which promises not to sell your data or advertise in your stream.

So why not get in touch and tell us about your experience? And if you have any more online tools you’d like us to talk about then let us know. You can reach us in office hours on 0845 094 6108 or email us on or get in touch via our social media.