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Three top tips for Facebook

22nd October 2013

We often get asked "What should I post on Facebook?" and "When is the best time to send a message?" These are a little like the eternal 'How long is a piece of string' question, there simply isn't a definitive answer.

We can generalise and say that everyone wants to look at photos/videos, get great offers or to view funny memes but the businesses that will do well on Facebook are the ones who know their audience the best.

Don't buy in to all the hype that everyone on Facebook acts the same, they just don't. You need to ask yourself, what do my customers want to see/read? Then, and here's the biggy… give it to them!

Remember, Facebook is a place that people go to catch up with their friends and family, play games and share info about their own lives. They don't really want to be sold to; always bear that in mind when posting content up there from your business.

Finally, if you own a business which sells to consumers, you should consider posting something that makes your business come across as human and relatable. However, if you mainly deal with other businesses (B2B), then maybe industry news should be your main focus. That isn't to say that you shouldn't be human either but if all you did was talk about what is going on in your own world rather than talk about your business, people may get the wrong impression of you.

  1. Know your audience
  2. Don’t sell
  3. Make it human

Happy posting!