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Track your online purchases via the Google search page

2nd May 2016

For a while now, Google has displayed a package tracking link when searching for a tracking code from a number of courier, but now you can perform a search for "track package" and enter the tracking number in the US.

The user will be able to click "Find carrier" and Google will show a link like "Track via UPS" or "Track via FedEx". The same notice is also displayed when you search for the tracking number of your package.

Another option to track your parcels is to search for "my packages", "my purchases" or "my orders" and Google will show an overview of your online purchases, including the tracking links. This is dependent upon you being signed into the Google account that is associated with the purchase - it also depends on whether or not the tracking link was included in the confirmation e-mail of your purchase. When you search for "track my packages", "track my purchases" or "track my orders", Google also expands the most recent order you made.

At the time of writing, the new search card appears to only be available for searches written in in English within the United States, however, we expect it to reach other countries if it is deemed a success.

This is just one of many implementations Google has made to make the search engine an 'all in one' tool for the user - these extra features can make it much easier for the user to track deliveries from different retailers in the same place, whilst simultaneously being able to check e-mails and update their Google+ page.