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Videography course with Damo of ColourBurn

10th December 2013

After creating several successful video case studies for Age UK’s dementia gardens, Cosmic have decided that videography could be a good area of expertise to develop for several employees as well as the company itself. Cosmic’s Project Manager, Vicky, is a keen videographer outside of work, and with the help of two apprentices, Chris and Jack, she has started to integrate it into the business. It was her idea for Chris, Jack and herself to attend a two day video editing course structured by a professional videographer called Damo from ‘ColourBurn’, a Creative film and marketing company.

The first day consisted of videoing the Christmas Market at Exeter Cathedral. Cosmic had to interview store owners and shoppers as well as capture footage of the scenery and atmosphere surrounding the market. Conducting interviews and using the manual features of the cameras definitely took Cosmic out of their comfort zone!

The second day consisted of organising the footage that Cosmic captured and starting the editing process on Adobe Premiere Pro. Damo brought the training right down to a level which everyone could understand. He showed Cosmic how to initially organise the captured footage into folders to make it easier to find and use throughout the editing process. Video placement, colour correction, transitions, fading and sound correction were amongst the many editing tools that Damo taught.

Unfortunately Cosmic were unable to finish editing the video, so it is still a work in progress. Cosmic are hoping to book a final day of training in with Damo to polish off their editing techniques and create a final masterpiece!