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What it's like using Todist to manage your workload [Part 2]

7th October 2015

It's now been 2 months since we started using Todoist in the Digital Marketing team at Cosmic and I am glad to say it's been a real success for some of the team.

Todoist is a website that allows you to organise your tasks (individual and repeating) on a cloud based piece of software which syncs across your smartphone, tablet and desktop and works like a lightweight project management tool.

You can read Part 1 of our review here which was written as we began to use Todoist for the first time. 

One thing to point out fairly early on here is that we upgraded to the paid version of Todoist fairly soon after we began testing it. The free version is great if you don't have lots of projects and teams to manage but at Cosmic the nature of our work means that we work across multiple projects in multiple teams and so this approach required the extra level of functionality that Todoist premium provides. You can get premium for £18 a year which is a very small cost for a tool with so much functionality. There are also business plans available for bespoke solutions. 

One of the extra features that Todoist Premium brings is the ability to place a task within a project as well as tagging it with a term which may run across several projects. For example, I might add the task 'Post about our latest email newsletter release' and tag that with '@enews' and '@socialmedia'. This has been hugely helpful in seeing outstanding tasks for particular actions (such as email news or social media) and also in project management of press announcements, new product releases and client contact. Also the ability to filter by priority and which team member tasks are assigned to has been hugely helpful in planning and running campaigns.  

From our perspective Todoist has enabled better communication between team members especially when we are out and about a lot, plus it's allowed us to track projects and tasks better as well as collaborating over the comments and messaging tools included in Todoist. 

For more information or feedback on specific aspects of Todoist, get in touch with Alex in the Cosmic office via or on the phone (01404 548 504). Of course, you can also get in touch via our website or social media.