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Who was Ada Lovelace?

15th October 2015

Earlier this week, you may have seen that it was Ada Lovelace day and wondered who she was and why she is so celebrated in the tech world. Ada was a British mathematician and writer who is most well known for her work on Charles Babbage’s early computer.

She lived between  1815 and 1852 and is widely regarded as the world’s first computer programmer because her notes include what’s thought to be the first algorithm intended to be carried out on the machine. Another trivia fact about Ada is that she is the only legitimate child of the famous poet Lord Byron. It’s thought that because he left her mother a month after Ada was born her mother encouraged her interest in maths in an effort to keep her thoughts focussed away from her father. When Ada died she was buried next to her father so this wasn’t the case long-term though Lord Byron never saw her again before he died.

You can find out more about Ada in detail on the Wikipedia page which details her childhood, life and death.