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You don’t need to be a superhero to write a blog

8th November 2013

I was watching a video the other day of Chris Brogan, who is a man I respect a lot.

He was on stage giving a speech about your own insecurities. He’s not only an engaging speaker but really funny too and he’s well worth looking up. He uses an analogy about superheroes and their own frailties which got me thinking about you and your blog.

Creating your own content can not only be time consuming but it can raise huge doubts that what you’re creating is ‘any good’. The blogs and the articles we read are all written by people that suffer with those exact same thoughts and feelings; “Is this piece I researched any good?” Who knows, until you publish it? Guess what, they become more confident the more they write and so will you.

If you know your niche or your industry well, write about it. Share your thoughts and opinions and set yourself up as the go-to person on matters of which you know about. If you have something which you think one person finds useful, write about it. Why? Because that one person might find it useful and if they do, guess who they’ll want to talk to about it?

So please go ahead and write that blog; and when you have, send us the link so we can read it too.

One Tip: If you can make me feel something when I read your blog, I’m much more likely to remember you than if you just reel out a bunch of facts (no matter how well researched). GET WRITING.