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Is your website secure?

17th April 2019

In this Digital Age, internet security is increasingly important, and keeping your website safe and secure requires multiple actions. One of the most important functions to implement is HTTPS, also known as an SSL certificate. 

As an internet user you have probably noticed ‘http’ at the start of many website addresses already. HTTP stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol”. HTTPS is the same phrase; the S stands for “secure”. 

This is the form of encryption that keeps your credit cards, debit cards and passwords secure when you enter them on a website. On a HTTP website, that data can be intercepted and altered by anyone between you and the site’s server, so having the extra security is extremely important when it comes to keeping people’s data safe. 

If you don't already have HTTPS on your website you can contact your hosting provider and ask them about having an SSL certificate implemented. In most cases there will be a cost for this and it will vary depending on the provider and the level of certificate you purchase. 

If you need support for your website, contact the Cosmic team on or phone 0330 088 3005