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CIAG Leadership Training

The Creative Innovation & Growth (CIAG) Programme supports Adult Social Care businesses and organisations in Devon. There are three elements within this package: Grants Fund; Business Support; & Leadership Development Training. The overall aim of the CIAG Programme is to increase sufficiency in the ASC sector across Devon by supporting the market (including personal, residential and unregulated care) to grow, develop and diversify.

Devon County Council have commissioned Cosmic to deliver free Leadership Development Workshops for the managers and owners of ASC businesses in Devon, with the aim of developing Leadership & Management skills and thereby increasing sufficiency and in the sector. These workshops will run from October 2018 until March 2020. These workshops are designed to help you as a ASC manager to support your staff and run your business more efficiently.

Any eligible ASC organisation in Devon which feels it would benefit from Leadership Development can apply to attend these workshops. As mentioned, the content of the training is specifically designed for managers and owners of these businesses (Nominates Individuals and Registered Managers, for example). 

More information about the CIAG programme, including the grants and business support elements can found here: Devon County Council CIAG Programme

Workshop Schedule

The full training programme consists of nine module workshops, each with a different theme and focus. Delegates will benefit especially from attending all nine modules - but we know that your time is precious and this may not be possible. The more you can attend - the better. 

Please click on the Eventbrite links to register:(Please note, further rounds will be available throughout 2019).

Workshop Title


Round 1 Dates

Operational Strategy

Looking at leadership and management, setting strategies and objectives. Managing your workforce and operations.

Digital Business and New Technologies

A look at new trends in technologies, new innovations in systems and processes. Developing attitudes towards tech.

Facilitate and Manage Change

Why you need change and how to manage it.

Sales and Marketing

Looking at strategies and approaches to marketing, customer insights and journeys.

Supporting workers with their mental health

Supporting wellbeing and mindfulness of your staff.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Stakeholder management, Co-design and building relationships.

Performance Management Strategies

Managing your team, setting targets, monitoring actions and activities.

Organisation Quality Assurance

Models, systems and frameworks for quality assurance. CQC requirements and planning for inspections.

Organisational Culture

Organisational culture and its impacts on behaviour and performance.