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The Prince's Countryside Fund

LaptopsOur Princes Countryside Fund project is all about reaching farmers that are most digitally excluded. Through this project we are improving digital literacy within the hard to reach and least engaged part of the farming community. The aims of the project is to focus on basic computer skills, getting connected, buying and selling online and marketing online. The project offers those in the rural area a chance to access free one-to-one sessions and we we are providing longer term mentoring for individuals so they are able to embed their knowledge and apply it to their business. 

Cosmic IT Trainer Nina Goodwin who is heavily involved in delivery of the project said;

“There is no doubt that those that we have worked with have really seen the benefits of using technology. Event by increasing confidence in being able to access things online. The ability to research is a clear benefit to the farmers we have worked with. They have been able to check up on the latest updates from DEFRA and RPA and event to see an up to date weather forecast is hugely beneficial.

It’s clear that some of the challenges around the new RPA systems have knocked the confidence of farmers who were already nervous about the ‘online’ world. Just from the people I have worked with so far it gives me real hope that through the guidance and support we are offering this will support the industry to adapt to the ever changing world on technology and help them to remain sustainable into the future.”

If you’re a farmer or you know anyone who might benefit from this, you can organise a one-to-one session, please get in touch with Nina Goodwin in the Cosmic office by phoning 0845 094 6108 or email [email protected].

Funded by:

The Prince's Countryside Fund